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TEEP Cohort 2

by Magee Shalhoub, Program Administrator

The Teacher Engineering Education Program (TEEP),,  is for practicing elementary, middle, or high school teachers who are seeking to change or expand their approach through the integration of engaging hands-on engineering principles in their coursework. The program is a flexible, affordable, and designed to fit a busy teacher’s lifestyle. All four courses are online, allow participants to work at their own pace, offer 16 total hours of graduate credit, and have a low student-to-instructor ratio. Participants are provided a rich environment of video tutorials, online office hours, and peer feedback as they progress through the program.

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Post Campaign Update

by Laura Fradin, Education Specialist

This past fall the Student Outreach Mentorship Program (STOMP) ran a crowdfunding campaign to help support the work it does in local elementary and middle schools. Our goal was to raise $5000 to support lesson development and implementation, and materials purchases. We raised $5,170 from 75 donors. These donors were friends, family, teachers, and alumni of STOMP. This money helps sustain a program that means so much to Tufts students and the local community, and helps us fuel the the next generation’s ingenuity! To see some of these donations in action, check out some of the exciting projects from this semester!


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BillundBuilds Nature 2018: Teacher and Administrator STEM Workshop

by Susan Bitetti, Education Specialist

DSC_0138This past November/early Decemeber, Tufts CEEO hosted BillundBuilds workshop, a week long study tour for 36 educators and administrators from Billund, Denmark in collaboration with the Capital of Children. The CEEO faced an exciting challenge of addressing the needs and challenges of not just educators but also those of administrators and principles from pre-school through middle school. Our visitors from Billund were thinking beyond just the preparation and training for their school district’s third annual “BillundBuilds Nature” week; they were eager to explore ways of cultivating and sustaining a culture of making and meaningful play within their education system in the long term. 

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LEGO WeDo Afterschool Enrichment

By Sarah Matheny, TEEP Teacher Graduate

Sarah Matheny, Science and Design Thinking Teacher from St. George’s Independent School, Germantown, TN, shares her work with kindergarten and first grade students in an afterschool enrichment project with WeDo 2.0.

blog1I was a student in Tuft University’s first Teacher Engineering Education Program (TEEP). While working through the program I could not get enough of the LEGO NXT system we were given for prototyping solutions. I saw the platform as having endless engaging applications. I wanted to bring this quick build problem solving to the younger students I teach.

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Robotic Toy Testing

by Ethan Danahy, Research Assistant Professor in Computer Science and CEEO
IMG_0147In Fall 2017, Prof. Ethan Danahy once again taught his first-year introduction to engineering course “Simple Robotics” to 28 of the Tufts University freshmen engineering students. After a sequence of shorter, week-long projects (ranging from designing Robotic Animals and Astronaut Tools to creating an interactive Haunted House and performing Robotic Magic Tricks), the final project of the semester was to design, build, test, and refine a “Playful Creation” for four-to-eight year old children.

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ConnecTions in the Making 3-year NSF Research Project Launches Summer 2017

By Chelsea Andrews, Post Doctoral Research Associate
chelsea blogConnecTions in the Making: Elementary Students, Teachers, and STEM Professionals Integrating Science and Engineering to Design Community Solutions is one of the CEEO’s newest research projects, funded by the NSF’s ITEST program. Led by PI’s Kristen Wendell (Tufts) and Tej Dalvi (UMass Boston), the overall goal of this project is to develop and study community-connected, integrated science and engineering curriculum units that support diverse elementary students’ science and engineering ideas, practices, and attitudes.

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Novel Engineering Challenges Wraps Up Its Third Challenge Cycle

by Susan Bitetti, Education Specialist
1Between April and December 1, 2017, Tufts University Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) designed, developed, and hosted, a series of three open-ended, engineering design challenges based on children’s literature and hosted on an online platform as part of a grant funded by the United Engineering Foundation.

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New Funding at the CEEO


The CEEO is thrilled to announce four new projects, funded by NSF, that launched this fall.  These are new projects so we don’t have much to report yet but stay tuned for new tools, research and outreach tools.

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Summer Vacation and ENE 151

By Kimberly Fogarty, TEEP student, Academic Technology Specialist at the Park School in Brookline, MA

IMG_5311 (1)As a student in the Teacher Engineering Education Certificate program, I have come to expect and enjoy relevant readings and projects as part of my courses.  Never before was this more true than when my ENE151 class and an amazing Teacher-In-Residence program overlapped this summer.  ENE 151 focuses on product design, manufacturing, and human factors and their role within engineering. Offered through the Cape Cod Regional STEM Cooperative, the Teacher-In-Residence program sends accepted applicants to different Cape Cod destinations to learn about STEM in in practice and to develop curriculum for students who visit the facility to link real-life math, science and engineering to the classroom. I applied and was accepted to spend two weeks at SencorpWhite, a Cape Cod corporation that designs and manufactures thermoforming machines and vertical storage solutions.  

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New faculty, staff and students at the CEEO

With the start of a new school year, the CEEO welcomes new faculty, staff and students. Check out who joined us this year!

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