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ES93 Haunted House

IMG_1159This year CEEO hosted another spooky haunted house filled with robots from Research Assistant Professor Ethan Danahy’s ES93 Simple Robotics Course that was co-taught by Aaron Johnson, Postdoctoral Research Associate. This course allows freshman to explore multiple disciplines of engineering before choosing their major and the one taught by professor Danahy uses LEGO Robotics EV3 kits which allows students to explore graphical programming, building, hands on learning, teamwork, and so much more.

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Billund Builds Music, a Perspective from a CEEO PhD Student

Matt MuellerMatthew Mueller, CEEO PhD graduate Student, took part in a project called Billund Builds Music (BBM). BBM was a full week of project based and play based learning where children designed, built, and performed on their own musical instruments. It took place in Billund, Denmark, the Capital of Children, and more than 4,000 children actively took part in the project.


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Telling Stories with LEGO in China

IMG_1227Over the past year, the CEEO has been working with LEGO Education China to develop StoryGames – a competition for Chinese students that uses the LEGO StoryStarter set. StoryStarter is designed to be a hands-on tool for teaching literacy and language lessons. LEGO Education China and the CEEO both wanted to see how we could leverage this set to encourage science and engineering topics at the same time. In mid-October I traveled to Shanghai with Sara Willner-Giwerc, an undergraduate research assistant at the CEEO, to observe the StoryGames finals.

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