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STOMP Classroom Case Study: Engineering Superheroes

One of the biggest obstacles for STOMPers is creating a cohesive unit throughout the semester.IMG_1612 Many STOMPers choose to do an “Introduction to Engineering” unit that introduces civil, mechanical, chemical, aerospace, environmental, and other types of engineering into a single semester. While this approach is fun and effective, it sometimes lacks continuity between lessons. I spent a while brainstorming ways to introduce multiple types of engineering while maintaining a central theme and came up with the idea of incorporating something students already like with activities from the STOMP activity database.


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STOMP Classroom Case Study: Robotics and the Environment

20151028_144444On Wednesday afternoons, the NXT robotics elective at the International School of Boston (ISB) holds its two-hour class, a class filled with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students eager to learn the mysteries of programming.  This past semester my STOMP partner and I had the pleasure of teaching in this classroom, covering a unit we developed on Robotics and the Environment.  In this unit we taught students basic programming skills with an emphasis on using these skills to find sustainable solutions to the world’s environmental problems.  The semester was filled with robotics challenges centered on resource conservation, climate change, pollution, and alternative energy, and culminated in students using what they learned to design and build a sustainable city.  


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