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20th Anniversary

by Magee Shalhoub, CEEO Program Administrator

10/23/2016 - Medford/Somerville, Mass. - The Center for Engineering Education and Outreach celebrates its 20th anniversary with an open house in its maker space at 200 Boston Avenue. (Evan Sayles for Tufts University)This year, the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) was excited to celebrate our twentieth anniversary on October 23, 2016! The CEEO was established in 1996 and was one of the first pioneers to start thinking about engineering education. The CEEO works to bring engineering into K-12 classrooms to give students a fundamental understanding of what engineering is and support teachers in enacting engineering curriculum in their classrooms. It’s been an amazing twenty years, and the CEEO was thrilled to celebrate with CEEO faculty, staff, students, alumni, former directors, and employees as well as with the Tufts and local Somerville and Medford community.

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Science of Sports

STOMPers, Christopher Camacho and Camille-Louise Mbayo, share their curriculum used during the Fall 2016 semester in a 5th grade class with 19 students. STOMP is our Student Teacher Outreach Program. If you want more information, visit

Description of your curriculum

Our curriculum covers the physics behind sports including soccer, football, ice hockey, sailing, and figure skating. The uniqueness of our curriculum stems from showing kids that engineering is in things they least expect. Our curriculum integrates the physical, mental, and materials portion of sports. For example, we went over projectile img_3532motion while talking about the best degree to throw a football. We used slingshots that the students made to mimic the trajectory of the ball. We talked about materials being weaker at grain boundaries while making soccer nets. We also discussed momentum in figure skating through making spinning tops.

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