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CEEO Annual report 2015-2016

Do you want more information about CEEO? Check out our CEEO Annual Report that covers 2015 and 2016!


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Portable Maker Workshop

by Kristen Wendell, McDonnell Family Professor in Engineering Education

20160810_113054I’m pleased to have this chance to tell you about the Portable Maker Workshop, a new tool for classroom engineering design from Pre-K to grade 8. At the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach, we are always looking for more ways to support learners in creating functional, testable prototypes of solutions to engineering challenges. Our focus on functionality and testability stems from our “constructionist” (Papert, 1980) view that the construction of public physical artifacts is a productive way to engage learners in disciplinary practices and build conceptual knowledge.

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Novel Engineering Challenges

by Elissa Milto, Director of Outreach

UntitledBuilding on Novel Engineering, the CEEO will be offering a series of three online Novel Engineering challenges. In January, we began work on a grant funded by the United Engineering Foundation that will support work on Novel Engineering Challenges. The goal of Novel Engineering Challenges is to broaden interest and participation in engineering by providing a new entry point to engineering through literacy and human-centered problems. This initiative will be a hybrid between the content and approach of Novel Engineering and online sharing platform of Dr. E’s Challenges.


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