Tufts School of Engineering Students in STOMP

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The Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) is excited to engage 62 Tufts students from a variety of academic disciplines with STOMP this year. STOMP partners pairs of Tufts University students with school teachers in the greater Boston area, Medford, Somerville, Arlington, Everett, Malden, and Boston, to create and implement engineering curricula in the teachers’ classrooms. The Tufts students collaborate with teachers to bring new technologies and innovative activities to the classroom, working to meet the Science, Technology and Engineering component of the Massachusetts Frameworks in creative and engaging ways. Currently, STOMP is in the following grades, 1 kindergarten classroom, 6 third grade classrooms, 16 fourth grade classrooms, 16 fifth grade classrooms, and 4 middle school classrooms.

This year, STOMP employs 30 engineering students from each engineering department and across years.

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STOMP students are bringing engineering curricula to roughly 800 elementary and middle school students in 43 classrooms in the Greater Boston Area!

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Last semester, a group of STOMP students developed a curriculum about designing engineering solutions to address problems caused by natural disasters. Students in their classrooms identified problems that people in hurricane affected areas may be experiencing including a lack of shelter, clean water, and power. To address these challenges, students engineered water filters, designed shelters, and made circuits.

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STOMP students have also brought Silly Walks into their classrooms, which involves making a robot move without the use of wheels. Another popular activity STOMP students have facilitated this year is rocket building lessons where students used toilet paper rolls to make different types of fins and nose cones for their rockets.


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