2019 Sustainability Champions Ceremony and Reception

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by Jessica Echeverria, Undergraduate Operations Assistant

We are very pleased to announce the Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO) has received two distinctions at the 2019 Sustainability Champions Ceremony and Reception. Firstly, the CEEO has been recognized by the Office of Sustainability as a Platinum level green office! This recognition builds off the CEEO’s previous title as a Gold level green office. Our rise to Platinum is a reflection of continuous efforts to be an environmentally conscious, responsible workplace.


According to the Office of Sustainability, for an office to be Platinum level it must meet 95%-100% of green office criteria in the following areas:

  • Energy and Water Use
  • Waste and Recycling; Paper
  • Printing and Office Supplies
  • Food, Beverage, and Dishware
  • Transportation
  • Sustainability Planning and Leadership 

All who visit are sure to see these areas addressed and on full display as they walk through the CEEO. From using reusable dishware to keeping interns and workers updated on the latest recycling and composting rules – these practices are all a part of the Center’s ongoing actions to spread an environmentally conscious perspective. 

The CEEO’s culture of sustainability is in big part due to staff assistant, Lynne Ramsey. Thanks to Lynne, the CEEO took home it’s second reward: the Inaugural Sustainability Champion award. Lynne received this novelty award along with several other esteemed individuals for their commitment to sustainability at Tufts. Known as the CEEO’s green guide, Lynne has made her impact on not only the Center, but the Office of Sustainability and all who make their way through the CEEO as well. 


Looking forward, the Center and Lynne have more plans to continue the green culture here at the CEEO. In the upcoming future, the Office of Sustainability will meet with the CEEO to discuss potential avenues to expand on current green projects and efforts. The next obstacle to tackle: material used at our outreach workshops and research events. How do we reduce the amount of waste we produce from a typical week-long summer STEM workshop? Are there less wasteful systems the CEEO can use when approaching material? 

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Summer 2019 at Tufts Center for Engineering and Education Outreach Exploring Acid Bleed at the Conn-Selmer Facility in Elkhart, Indiana

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